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Energy Resource by Superior, LLC Makes it Easy, Safe & Affordable for Builders and Contractors.
  Whether you’re developing a community, building a single-family home or remodeling, propane can enhance a home’s appeal. Before you plan on electricity or other energy sources, consider the many advantages of propane. Energy Resource by Superior, LLC partners with builders and contractors so that homebuyers experience the comfort, convenience and affordability of propane. We also offer customized support and incentives to make Energy Resource by Superior, LLC your propane supplier of choice.
  Builder Advantages of Choosing Energy Resource by Superior, LLC:
  • Superior customer clout
  • Experienced sales force providing personalized service
  • Priority scheduling
  • Referral programs
  • Temporary heat service
  • 24/7 emergency call line
  • Metered gas for multiple users
  • Professional & Reliable service
  Choose Propane Today & Offer Your Customers:
  Tankless water heaters - A propane tankless water heater costs less to operate than a standard electric unit while providing an endless flow of hot water.
    Underground tanks - For home buyers concerned about appearance, a durable underground propane tank is a safe, discreet option. Once a tank is buried, only a small dome is visible - allowing for easy servicing and refilling.
    Cooktops and ovens - In a national survey of professional chefs, 96% say they prefer gas cooking units over electric ranges and ovens. Propane meets the cooking needs of discriminating homeowners.
    Furnaces - In addition to being more energy efficient than electric baseboard heat and longer lasting than an electric heat pump, a propane furnace offers a low-profile design that can fit into the tightest spaces.
    Generators - Propane standby generators quickly restore power to your entire home in the event of a power outage.
    Outdoor appliances - Advances in flexible gas piping make it easy to deliver the benefits of propane to outdoor appliances such as deck heaters, grills, lighting, and pool or spa heaters.
    Clothes dryers - In addition to offering greater energy efficiency than electric units, a propane dryer quickly reaches the desired temperatures to dry clothes evenly.
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